My First Live Painting Session

Last month, I was honored to be asked to facilitate a live painting session for Professional Engineering Consultants in Lawrence, KS.  The company was celebrating a new facility by hosting a nice open-house party for many of their clients. They were hoping a little paint and color might add a nice to touch to the event.

For this painting, I chose to draw inspiration from a photo I had been eyeing for some time.  Dave Leiker,  a talented photographer out of Emporia, Kansas, has taken many wonderful shots of the Flint Hills.  This particular photo of his was a classic sunset image.

I was eager to paint the warm soft clouds and the familiar layers of hilly countryside in this photo.  It’s the kind of scene where you wish you could just be there and bask in the glow of the land.  I chose to stream this event LIVE on Facebook.  (By the way, my Facebook page is here if you are interested.)


Live painting at PEC

Since I enjoy painting on large canvases, I chose to use a 48X72″ canvas.  This size canvas would not only be easy to see from a distance during the open-house, I also felt fairly confident that if I had an image that I was excited about, I would be able to get a solid “first-stage” on the canvas within a couple of hours.  By the end of the night, I was happy I had accomplished my goal.     

Many people actually thought the painting was finished after the first session that night.  While I never usually finish a painting in one session, I will admit that the first stage of any painting does have something special about it–the looseness of the brushwork holds a certain energy and life that is unique in the process.

After a few more stages, this is the final result.    

Just finished!
“Flints Hills VII” – 48X72″ Oil on canvas – 2017

I was happy to have this live painting opportunity.  If fact, it was such an enjoyable experience, I’m now considering doing live painting sessions more often.  If you ever hear of a place that needs such a thing, please let me know.  I’m happy to answer any questions you have.

This painting is still available for purchase. You can see it in Timmer Gallery at 825 Massachusetts St. Lawrence, KS.   Soon, I hope to offer prints of it on my website at

It’s Fall already! There’s still time for sunflowers!

It’s hard to believe that today is officially the start of fall.   The sunflowers are in full bloom and the climate is hot and muggy in Lawrence, Kansas.

Just this past week, I wrapped up a new commission.  I had a request for a sunflower painting.  As I was searching for image inspiration, I came across a magnificent photo in a little book called, “The Kansas Sky.”  The photograper’s name is Harland Schuster.   Harland was nice enough to allow me to use his image for inspiration.

“Rise and Shine”

I now have limited edition signed prints in several sizes of this sunflower painting available on my website.

Last year, I was very inspired when I visited Grinter’s Sunflower Farm.  The sun was just coming up as I had a chance to fly my drone over the field.  When I uploaded my video to Facebook, I was surprised that in just a few days, my video was shared over two thousand times and had 300,000+ views!  The glow of the flowers was mesmerizing.   ENJOY!!

And enjoy the sunflowers while they are still around!  It won’t  be long and new colors and temperatures will cover the land.


The finished Kansas storm painting for the Lawrence Beer Company!

I’m happy to report that the painting for the Lawrence Beer Company was completed today!  This painting has been a joy to work on, on multiple levels.

First, has been great to work the owners of the Lawrence Beer Company. These guys have a passion for beer, food, art and culture.   The building that they are working on is full of character and has so much potential for a brewery.  I can’t wait to see the finished space.

Second, doing research for this project has been very inspiring.  I’ve come to befriend two storm chasers, Jeremy Holmes and Sean Ramsey.  These photographers each have INCREDIBLE portfolios.   Their work is a reminder that Kansas is filled with incredible beauty– sometimes you just have to hit the road to go find it!

Third, I love painting on large surfaces.  The bigger the canvas, the more exciting the painting!  In some mysterious way, I think more of the energy of the painting is captured when I can move around.  I also enjoy using large brushes and lots of paint. Sometimes small paintings can me feel a bit tight as a painter.

The next step is getting this painting photographed.  I’m hoping to offer this in a variety of different print sizes after it is edited.   Please visit my website to see more of my commissioned work and available art!  Keep me posted if you have any questions about murals or ways to commission more of my art.

“Ocean Over Kansas” – 8X30 feet – oil on canvas


Progress on the Lawrence Beer Company painting

I had a chance to start the painting for the Lawrence Beer Company last Thursday. So far a lot of progress has been made.  Since the oil paint dries so fast in my studio, I found myself painting as fast as possible.   I couldn’t get the whole painting in my camera view.  If you are around this Final Friday, you should come by and check it out!  825 Mass. St. — below Phoenix Gallery

Stage 3

New Project: Commission for Lawrence Beer Company

What the next project?

An 8X30 foot painting.

Five 8’X6′ canvases
Marc Havener documenting the process
Future location of the painting

I’m excited to announce the start of a new commission with the Lawrence Beer Company.  This new brewery is located next to the Cider Gallery on Pennsylvania St. in east Lawrence.

I will create this large painting by connecting five 8X6 foot canvases.

How you can see it:

  • Visit me at Timmer Gallery – 825 Mass. St Lawrence, KS. | 3-7 Thurs., 12-7 Fri. & 10-6pm on Sat.
  • Filmmaker, Marc Havener, will be creating a time-lapse video I plan on showing at the end.
  • Follow progress on Facebook, Instagram @Brian.Timmer.Art or on my new blog.