It’s Fall already! There’s still time for sunflowers!

It’s hard to believe that today is officially the start of fall.   The sunflowers are in full bloom and the climate is hot and muggy in Lawrence, Kansas.

Just this past week, I wrapped up a new commission.  I had a request for a sunflower painting.  As I was searching for image inspiration, I came across a magnificent photo in a little book called, “The Kansas Sky.”  The photograper’s name is Harland Schuster.   Harland was nice enough to allow me to use his image for inspiration.

“Rise and Shine”

I now have limited edition signed prints in several sizes of this sunflower painting available on my website.

Last year, I was very inspired when I visited Grinter’s Sunflower Farm.  The sun was just coming up as I had a chance to fly my drone over the field.  When I uploaded my video to Facebook, I was surprised that in just a few days, my video was shared over two thousand times and had 300,000+ views!  The glow of the flowers was mesmerizing.   ENJOY!!

And enjoy the sunflowers while they are still around!  It won’t  be long and new colors and temperatures will cover the land.


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